German cakes — Why do we only choose natural ingredients.

Thank you for choosing Rhineland Cake & Wine Company. The word natural these days stands for an elite group of foods that sparsely freckle our grocery store shelves in stark contrast to their chemically enhanced rivals.

For me, tradition and truly exceptional quality, which I enjoyed in my childhood home, is at the center of Rhineland Cake and Wine Company’s philosophy of baking. Throughout the years, I have always adhered to the original old and passed down recipes from my family. It has been a great pleasure and satisfaction for me to pass on that tradition to my children in the quality of the baked goods that I have always served to my family, friends or loved ones who joined us for a meal in our home.

The wholesome goodness of natural ingredients is not a luxury to me — it is how food is supposed to be, and a valuable part of any regimen intended to maintain, improve, or restore health.

We know now that preservatives, pesticides, or chemicals do not equal a healthy choice for people. Additionally, my delectable cakes have no trans fats and are always shipped fresh with your loved ones in mind.

Natural is not only the healthiest choice but with Rhineland Cake and Wine Company you will undeniably find it the tastiest choice!

From my house to yours,

Guten Appetit!