History of Rhineland Cake & Wine Company

About The Rhineland Cake & Wine Company

My name is Hiltrud Steimel. I was born and raised in a small village in the Nahe River Valley in south-central Germany, close to where the Nahe flows into the mighty Rhine River at Bingen. One of the wonderful memories of my childhood is of my grandmother, Emma, baking for the Sunday afternoon coffee which was always eagerly awaited all week by her children, grandchildren, relatives and friends.

What a pleasure it was when Saturday afternoon came and the fresh baked breads and cakes were ready for Sunday morning breakfast and afternoon coffee. No one could bake better than she did. The seasons determined what would be served — fruit cakes and tortes in the summer and fall, and throughout the winter months, the richness of the harvest that had been preserved, was enjoyed again, and especially during the holiday season. I can still see the smiling face of my grandmother Emma as the gathered family praised her for her wonderful baking.

It is this tradition and love of a mother baking for her family that the Rhineland Cake & Wine Company offers you today. I am confident the rich taste and texture of my cakes will absolutely delight you and your family and make you a friend of the Rhineland Cake & Wine Company for years to come.