Press Parlor Rhineland Cake and Wine Company

Rhineland Cake and Wine Company would like to thank the following people, magazines, websites, etc. for their positive comments and support.

  • Grand View Promotions
    Cakes For Troops

    "When I came to America from Germany as a young woman, the first few holiday seasons away from home were very difficult. I can sense some of what these troops will feel when the holidays come and they're away from home and family in a strange land. Hopefully, these cakes can give them a sense of home."

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  • eden prairie Magazine
    Takes the Cake
    December 2009

    "Local resident Hiltrud Steimel draws on a family tradition of baking to create a company with international reach."
  • edible Twin Cities
    Notable Edibles
    Rhineland Cakes
    Winter 2007

    "All (cakes) are from generations-old family recipes, and are made with organic ingredients."
  • Chaska Herald
    My Top 10 Most Fascinating People of 2007
    December 2007

    "If good gardeners have green thumbs, then Hiltrud Steimel would have a flour thumb. This German transplant knows how to make a good cake."
    Cakes For Troops
    November 2007

    "She (Hiltrud Steimel) has cooked up a plan to ship the authentic German cakes to troops before Dec. 25 with a holiday card and an ornament inside the box."

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  • Chaska Herald
    Have your cake and eat it too
    July 2007

    "At first bite, the flavor of red wine commands the attention of the taste buds, filling the mouth with a happy, warm sensation."